The second solar boat

Thursday, June 23, 57 years after the discovery, the well which contains the second solar boat of the Great Pyramid was opened: an extraordinary moment, unforgettable. As soon as the winch raised one of the 16 tonnes stone slabs, parts of the boat were glimpsed stacked down at the bottom, where they had been well preserved for over 4500 years. It lasted very little, time just enough to take a quick look, then a wooden cover sealed the pit again. In the coming months the team composed by Japanese and Egyptians, led by Prof. Sakuji Yoshimura, will bring to light the different pieces and then, in a complex work of restoration and reconstruction, will try mounting the boat. A procedure similar to that in which Kamal El-Mallak, between 1954 and 1984, rebuilt the first solar boat, now on display in the specially built museum close to the Great Pyramid. At that time it took thirty years: now with new available technology it will probably be quicker.