Professional photographer since 1980, Sandro Vannini lives between Viterbo, Italy and Cairo, Egypt.
His work has ranged from illustration to ethnographic reportages, from architecture to mountains, and has been published in the most prestigious magazines. In 1997, Sandro Vannini started an extraordinary work of documentation of the archaeological heritage of Egypt.
More than 15 years on, he has the largest and most important photographic archive about Egypt.
Mysteries and treasures of the pharaonic period, the Coptic art forms, the fascination of the Islamic art, and the contradictions of contemporary Egypt have been depicted using leading edge digital technologies.
With the famous archeologist Zahi Hawass, Sandro Vannini has published a series of photographic books including “The Royal Tombs of Thebes”, “Tutankhamon”, “Lost Tombs of Thebes” and “A Secret Voyage”.

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Laboratoriorosso is a company whose activity focuses on a wide range of subject matters ranging from publishing, exhibit logistics and organization, documentary making, audiovisual products. Sandro Vannini is Laboratoriorosso’s Director. During the last nine years they produced together 7 documentaries, printed and electronic photographic books, and many 3D animations, using high resolution photographic shooting techniques. Future projects include more documentaries in Egypt and the production of new photographic books.


Zahi Hawass
Zahi Hawass is arguably the most famous archeologist in the world. Thanks to his charisma and his talent as a storyteller he has promoted the Egyptian archeological heritage for many years. He discovered the famous Golden Mummies in the oasis of Baharia and the tombs of the Pyramids builders in Giza.


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